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Concussions have become a major epidemic in today’s society, especially at the amateur and professional sports levels owing to knowledge of the potential long term and devastating effects it can have on an athlete’s life. This is where CARE Concussion Centre comes into play. CARE is an acronym that stands for Concussion Assessment, Rehabilitation and Education. Our goal at CARE 4 Concussion is to help educate our community about the potential damaging effects of a concussion and what to look for if someone sustains a head injury and what they should do to properly manage it.
A concussion can be a complicated injury that may have varying presentations from person-to-person, thus the importance of individualized treatment protocols for each case. We have to remember that a concussion is a type of brain injury and that it should be taken seriously. The old theory of “stay home in a quiet and dark room until the symptoms go away” doesn’t always work. Although many concussion cases will resolve within a few days, some cases may progress into the ‘post-concussion’ category and present with a myriad of signs and symptoms that will last for weeks to months. CARE Concussion Centre is here to help guide you along the right path to concussion recovery by determining the appropriate treatment protocol and necessary referrals to other concussion specialists if necessary.
Our mission at CARE Concussion Centre is to provide the best multifaceted therapeutic approach for each individual patient who has sustained a concussion. We also hope to educate and bring awareness to our community about the potential repercussions and long term effects of concussions. Our number one priority at Care 4 Concussion is the safety of every person, especially children involved in sports, and that if they unfortunately ever sustain a concussion we hope to lead them along the right path to recovery. Play safe and have fun!

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