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heads-up-CDC-concussionCenter of Disease Control HEADS UP Initiative

The Centre of Disease Control (CDC) has developed a program initiative to help
educate and bring awareness about concussion at all levels of sports and play called HEADS UP. It has a huge selection of resources available online for parents, coaches and athletes, including videos and printable resources. It is a must visit website for people interested in learning about concussions or anyone who has sustained a concussion and would like to learn more about the condition and how to deal with it.


Concussion Awareness Training Tool catt-logo-lg-83f7dd88

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) was developed to provide online concussion toolkits for professionals, parents,
players, coaches and even teachers to help with education and awareness of
concussions. It provides learning resources and videos geared towards different learning styles and learner characteristics.


Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

A great local health unit that according to their website provides,WECHU_Logo “Public health programs keep our community healthy by promoting improved health, preventing disease and injury, controlling threats to human life and function, and facilitating social conditions to ensure equal opportunity in attaining health for all.

Our Health Unit, in partnership with other agencies and health care providers, seeks to enable all Windsor and Essex County residents to be as healthy as possible.”

They have added a resource page for concussion information that has a lot of great links to other websites and information sheets about concussions.

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